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CHICAGO, IL (May 2016) – Eager to buy special and meaningful teacher gifts for these most important people in every child’s life? Teacher Peach makes it easy to say thank you to teachers. This newly launched website offers families a one-stop-shop for the perfect gifts to express gratitude while serving as the place for teachers on the lookout for thoughtfully designed classroom products. Just in time for end-of-school thank you gifts, Teacher Peach has launched “Once Upon A Box” teacher gift boxes for school and home, each filled with unique yet practical products specifically created with a teacher’s busy lifestyle in mind.

“Everyone benefits when teachers are supported and recognized for all they do,” says Randi Brill, Founder of Teacher Peach. “We support teachers and their students with classroom products that reflect today’s social and emotional priorities. We inspire teachers with accessories and “after-school” home products that truly capture the gratitude families feel for all that these dedicated teachers do.”

Brill adds, “Teachers tell us that the right classroom materials and smart-looking, well-priced accessories make a huge difference. When teachers can pay it forward by sharing exactly the right sticker or thoughtful “bravo” note, students connect, confidence grows, and learning can skyrocket. At Teacher Peach, our product lines are geared to teachers and students, so everyone wins!”

Teacher Peach’s educational experts bring more than 30 years of industry experience to the development of these motivating and age-appropriate products. In addition to their full line of timesaving and smart-looking classroom products, Teacher Peach’s gorgeous, yet practically designed tote bags, gift accessories, and now ready-to-give “Gift Boxes” take the legwork out of choosing the perfect gift for every teacher.

The “Once Upon a Box for School” teacher gift box is brimming with colorful items for teachers and their students. The school box includes 25 birthday postcards, 30 stickers for students, 25 mini-posters, a set of sticky notes, a “Teachers Only” Sharpie®, a stapler, and treats just for the teacher including a colorful Quartz wristwatch, a stay-cold sandwich container, and more. This box adds to everyone’s school day!

The “Once Upon a Box for Home” is designed just for teachers to encourage these hard-working professionals to relax, rejuvenate and refuel—after school. From soft, fuzzy socks, a scented candle, and a beautiful bracelet, to a snuggly infinity scarf, teacher’s coloring book with colored pencils and sharpener, and more, this teacher gift box is sure to inspire even the most focused teacher to untie the gift bow and start to unwind! Teacher Peach’s new website also makes it easy for teachers to order more of their favorite gift box items and includes discount codes and offers too!

According to Brill, dubbed the company’s Chief Peach, "Teachers are extremely dedicated professionals who strive to motivate and spark kids to learn every single day! They also juggle priorities: lesson plans, faculty meetings, home-school connections, and the unique needs of each student at the same time. Many teachers also reach into their own pockets to pay for classroom materials. Our products help teachers feel great about all that they do for ‘their kids.’ We know teachers need effective products both in the classroom—and beyond, so wherever you’ll find teachers, you’ll find Teacher Peach.”

Stay tuned as Teacher Peach launches exciting back-to-school and holiday products, including unique subscription boxes just for teachers.


Teacher Peach supports teachers, creating products that acknowledge them for their hard work and commitment to students everywhere. Teacher Peach products are designed to inspire great learning results and enhance a positive school climate. By providing effective, creative, and economical classroom products and thoughtful teacher gifts, Teacher Peach is the number one resource for teacher gift giving every day of the year. For more information, visit


An apple for the teacher just isn’t enough anymore. Why grapple with an apple, when you can reach for the peach? Teacher Peach, that is.



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