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The Perfect Teacher Tote for Christmas from Teacher Peach

November 6, 2016 by Nikki0 comments


Teachers are a huge part of our children’s lives. They are the staple to their whole future. It’s very important that we treat them just as special as they treat our children. Teacher Peach has a wide variety of teacher gifts, subscription boxes, or classroom products for all age groups. Now this review item I got to give my sons preschool teacher as a present because as a shy and timid boy she was able to make him feel special and within a few days he was excited to be at school and away from mom. She is a very important person to him and to my family as she has already made such a big impact in his life.

This amazing confidence tote for a teacher/educator is the go-to bag for any occasion. The teacher tote is large zipper tote with long shoulder straps. The bottom has a support board to help keep everything in place. The front of the bag has 1 zipper pouch which is great to store loose items like keys, id, pens, a cell phone and such. Behind that is an open pouch for items like a book, binder, planners, just to name a few. On the very front of the tote is a saying from Confucius: Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace. Im very happy with the quality of this bag and I am very confident that this will be a huge hit with my sons teacher.

About Teacher Peach Seeds Foundation: Teacher Peach created the Teacher Peach Seeds Foundation with one vision in mind—to fund teacher-designed projects that build student confidence. This foundation’s “peach seed money” comes from multiple charitable sources including Teacher Peach’s own donation of 10% of the profits from every product it sells. Grant applications will be available beginning in early 2017 with well-credentialed judges determining winners based on clearly articulated criteria. Winners receive both seed money and Teacher Peach products to realize their confidence-building visions for their students. Visit www.teacherpeachseeds.orgTeacher Peach Seeds. Products teachers love funding grants teachers need.

About (taken from website): Teacher Peach supports teachers, creating products that acknowledge them for their hard work and commitment to students everywhere. Teacher Peach products are designed to inspire student confidence, reward and recognize, and enhance a positive school climate. By providing effective, creative, and economical classroom products and thoughtful teacher gifts, Teacher Peach is the number one resource for teacher gift giving every day of the year. Visit www.teacherpeach.comWhy grapple with an apple, when you can reach for the peach? Teacher Peach, that is.