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From dream to reality: 
Through its new Teacher Peach Seeds Fund, Teacher Peach contributes 10% of
the profits from all Teacher Peach sales.

CHICAGO, IL (OCTOBER 2016) –When Randi Brill launched Teacher Peach in 2012, she created an online marketplace to support teachers, offering teacher gift products that acknowledge teachers for their hard work and commitment to students everywhere. Teacher Peach also creates classroom products, designed to inspire student confidence and enhance a positive school climate. Crediting key teachers in her life for encouraging her to reach her highest potential every single day, Brill is now thrilled to introduce Teacher Peach Seeds, a separate not-for-profit fund that gives back to both teachers and their students. Teacher Peach contribute 10% of all product profits to Teacher Peach Seeds. 

“Kids who possess the confidence to believe they can achieve something, stand a far better chance of doing so than those who lack it, which is why our teacher grants focus solely on providing ‘peach seed money’ for smaller projects and initiatives that are designed to help students blossom,” says Brill. “I founded Teacher Peach with this goal in mind and we’re thrilled it’s now come to fruition!” Teacher Peach Seeds will partner with other charitable groups focused on education and the fund welcomes direct donations, as well.

As educators know well, students who possess a GROWing sense of authentic confidence— 

  • Don't resort to bullying other kids. 
  • Tend to take greater risks and try new things.
  • Are more willing to self advocate and advocate for those less able.
  • Perform more successfully in school—and out.
  • Ask thoughtful questions of themselves and others.
  • Help others and display better citizenship.

Just in time for the ‘giving season,’ and as families seek out the perfect gifts for their children’s teachers, purchasing teacher gifts from Teacher Peach is a triple win. Families can feel great knowing that 10% of product profits will go directly into Teacher Peach Seeds Fund, the grant money goes directly back to teachers and students, and these teacher gifts are proven teacher favorites.

Teacher Peach’s one-stop-shop supports teachers and their students with its entire line of creative and effective classroom products that reflect today’s social and emotional priorities, building its products based on teacher input. As a result, Teacher Peach offers products that teachers really use.

With more than 100 unique Classroom Products as well as many gorgeous teacher gift products, Teacher Peach has all the essentials for both students and teachers. From certificates, stickers, and positive postcards, to snazzy teacher tote bags, drink ware, and planning accessories, teachers and families will find a great classroom and gift giving solution at Teacher Peach. These unique classroom and teacher gift products make the difference in terms of reward, recognition and support for both teachers and their students. There is something for every teacher at Teacher Peach!

Without a doubt, Teacher Peach supports teachers and students all year long with meaningful Teacher Gifts, confidence-building Classroom Products, exciting Subscription Boxes, the Teacher Discount Program, and of course Teacher Peach Seeds. 


Teacher Peach created the Teacher Peach Seeds Fund with one vision in mind—to fund teacher-designed projects that build student confidence. This fund’s “peach seed money” comes from multiple charitable sources including Teacher Peach’s own donation of 10% of the profits from every product it sells. Grant applications will be available beginning in early 2017 with well-credentialed judges determining winners based on clearly articulated criteria. Winners receive both seed money and Teacher Peach products to realize their confidence-building visions for their students. Visit

Teacher Peach. Products teachers love funding grants teachers need.


Teacher Peach Seeds. Teacher grants that help GROW student confidence.




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