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Teacher Peach Seeds funds teacher grants that GROW student confidence. 



Introducing Teacher Peach Seeds, Teacher Peach's not-for-profit fund to provide grants for teacher-driven initiatives designed to GROW student confidence.

    Teacher Peach supports teachers—and their students. Teacher Peach products are designed to inspire student confidence, reward and recognize both students and teachers, and enhance a positive school climate. To help students and teachers even more, Teacher Peach donates 10% of the profits from EVERY single sale to Teacher Peach Seeds!

    The Teacher Peach Seeds Fund provides grants for teacher-designed projects that build student confidence. This fund’s “peach seed money” comes from multiple charitable sources including Teacher Peach’s own donation of 10% of the profits from every product it sells.

    Why does Teacher Peach Seeds focus solely on grants that build student confidence?

    To best achieve academic and life goals, students of all ages benefit from GROWing confidence! The teachers who know their students best are well poised to create targeted, meaningful projects that will resonate and inspire greater confidence. Well-credentialed judges determine winners based on clearly articulated criteria. When selected to receive a Teacher Peach Seeds grant, teachers get the “peach seed money” along with Teacher Peach products to help jumpstart these special and powerful opportunities to make a difference in the lives of their students.

    It takes one key ingredient to grow one’s confidence—the confidence to do so! Just as a lack of confidence can be the start of a negative spiral, so can an infusion of confidence lead a student to GROW even more confidence.

    Kids who possess the confidence to believe they can achieve something, stand a far better chance of doing so than those who lack confidence. This is why our teacher grants focus on projects to help GROW student confidence. Research supports that student who possess authentic confidence are likely to take greater risks when trying new things, stand up against bullying, become stronger self-advocates and advocates for others, and are likely to grow into engaged, more self-reliant citizens.

    Peaches grow from seeds and so do ideas, when “seeded” well. Apply with your class initiatives designed to help your students’ confidence “blossom.” Grant applications begin in early 2017.

    Teacher Peach Seeds Fund will send you the next GRANT APPLICATION and criteria two weeks before it releases to the public!