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Create a Gift Registry and Wishlist! 


When do I create a Gift Registry?

    Teacher Peach’s Gift Registry works for all of the items on this website. It’s ideal for classroom products and gifts and it works just like a wedding or new baby registry. Registries are a great way to stock up for a special project, event, or time of year. Teachers create gift registries for back-to-school or fundraising, too. PTO room reps often ask teachers to create a gift registry for holiday gift giving to help ensure teachers actually receive gifts they will enjoy and that will add value to their classroom!

    Teacher Peach’s Gift Registry makes it easy for teachers to specify different quantities of various items, notifies teachers when items have been fulfilled, and is simple to monitor how many are still remaining. Typically, a registry only runs for a limited period of time, until an event takes place, or until a holiday season is over. Teachers may share or post the link to their registry. Anyone may log onto and search for the teacher’s registry by teacher’s name, too.


    When do I create a Gift Registry?

    In addition to creating a formal, public gift registry, Teacher Peach has an easy-to-use personal wishlist feature. You’ll notice this little heart on every single product and category page, making it easy to add any item from this site to your private wishlist. Think of this wishlist as your personal clipping site or bulletin board of favorite things!

    Once you have added items to your wishlist, you may share it with friends and family on a case-by-case basis. Wishlists are yours and last as long as you like. Wishlists are a great way to spark others with your ideas for gifts and classroom products, too. The main difference between a wishlist and a registry is that with a registry you can specify quantities and track items as they are fulfilled. With a wishlist, you can keep your favorites under wraps and share them more selectively.