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It’s easy to join the Teacher Peach's Teacher Discount Program. Members receive a 20% DISCOUNT on every Classroom Product—every single day!


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Choose one of these simple options to join.

  1. Provide your current school email address,
  2. Upload an image file of your current school ID or other verification document OR,
  3. Paste a link to your school’s current faculty page.

As soon as your current teacher or administrator status is confirmed, we’ll send you a WELCOME! email with your Teacher Peach's Teacher Discount Program Member Login info—and an amazing “Double Down Discount” Code to save 40% off every Classroom Product in your first purchase as a member!

How will my discount appear?

When members add a product to the shopping cart, the discounted price simply appears! Discount prices show on every product in red, too!

What if a Classroom Product item goes on sale?

If the product is on sale for LESS than 20%, members still receive a 20% discount on the product, calculated from the regular price. If the product is on sale for MORE than 20% off with PROMOTION CODE, just enter the valid coupon code in the Promotion Box to receive the bigger discounted price. If a product is reduced with a sale price, members receive 20% off the discounted price!

What if I also purchase products that are not part of Classroom Products?

No matter the product mix, members receive your teacher discount on every Classroom Product. Orders can be a mix of any products sold at You may enter up to ONE valid coupon/discount code per order in addition to the automatically-calculated Classroom Products teacher discount, too.