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Sympathy Cards Set of 12 in 6 Unique Designs

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Today's world of social distancing adds complexity to even a simple act of kindness. Too many of us must be ready to send too many sympathy cards right now. Sympathy cards matter—a lot.

• REACH OUT IN A MEANINGFUL WAY With few familiar rituals or frameworks for grief, receiving a sympathy card is a more powerful connection than ever.

• BE THERE IN THE FEW WAYS YOU CAN With little ability to send a casserole, pay a visit, or support in other traditional ways,  reach out with a keepsake note of sympathy.

• JUST SHOWING YOU CARE helps friends and families to begin to accept, process, and heal.

• SEND A DIFFERENT NOTE EACH WEEK for a month to let those you care about know that YOU know their road to healing is long.

• SET OF 12 CARDS 4.25- x 5.5-inch horizontal sympathy cards with white envelopes are ready to write and send. Blank interior.

• 6 TASTEFUL DESIGNS Two elegant black-and-white photo designs, two soft watercolor designs, and two tasteful typographic designs provide a range of appropriate options.