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School Safety Posters for My New Classroom

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• PROTECT YOUR CLASSROOM with 9 age-appropriate safety posters and basket signs designed to match primary classrooms. Fun googly eyes remind elementary students to practice smart safety habits.

• WELCOME AND HELP PROTECT your students from outside your classroom door and all through the school day with fun yet important messages. Posters are easy to display at eye level.

• USE BASKET SIGNS to create touchless paper transfers for homework and take-home assignments. Easy to cut apart and place anywhere in your room. There’s even one to customize.

• REDUCE ANXIETY ABOUT NEW BEHAVIORS with colorful positive posters. Class Rules and Big Thank You posters integrate positive messages. Reduce everyone’s anxiety about safety.

•REACH FOR THE PEACH! Easy to incorporate into primary classrooms, these 8.5 x 11 colorful posters and signs will appeal to your students. Fun googly eyes motif appears on all 9 safety posters. Consistent primary-colored borders and clear images help students remember important safety routines.

• REASSURE FAMILIES of your commitment to the safest possible classroom—and let the real learning begin! Created with preschool and primary teachers for your NEW classroom.

• SPANISH and a combo Spanish-English set. Stock up on the many My New Classroom products from Teacher Peach and be ready with colorful and creative positive SEL messages for any occasion.