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Teacher Discount Program Saves Teachers Money and Time!

Teacher Discount Program Saves Teachers Money and Time!



Let the Amazing School Experiences Begin!

Now that the school year is in full swing, teachers everywhere are embracing school routines and formulating the best strategies to support the specific learning needs of each of the students in their charge. Teachers are also applying past experience to ensure the large, but likely not large enough, cache of new classroom supplies will last throughout the year. Those fresh containers of wipes, markers, and tissues, newly delivered in brown paper bags, are often tucked away to help pace their consumption.

Official supplies in place, it’s now time for teachers to consider the less-than-mandatory, and more than-powerful “special” classroom products that help shape an amazing school experience. That’s where Teacher Peach jumps in to help!


A Teacher’s Gut Knows

In addition to the academic priorities that are at top of mind, teachers are watching their new groups of students—sensing classroom dynamics, catching the whiff of a quiet conversation, and spotting small interactions out of the corner of an eye. Teachers have an instinct, a gut sense of which students will be innate helpers and friends, and which students, perhaps through outside pressures or struggles, have all the makings of becoming a potential class bully. This spectrum of behaviors is also every teacher’s responsibility during the hectic school year.

As teachers turn their attentions to these less obvious and incredibly important classroom dynamics, each action helps to shape the classroom environment. In addition to focusing on curriculum, teachers work to build strong, positive classroom climates, conducive to learning. Teachers strive to help each student find both outer voice and inner confidence.


We Know You Do This

Teacher Peach listens to teachers and we consistently discover that it is at this point, when you sense what this particular classroom dynamic will benefit from the most, that you’ll reach into your own pockets to be sure your kids get the boosts they need. Whether it’s the right sticker, a certificate, a card of encouragement, or simply a postcard that says you noticed, these special additions to your classroom arsenal can make a significant difference to your class as a whole and to each individual student. That’s why Teacher Peach is so excited to launch our new Teacher Discount Program.



As a member of Teacher Peach’s Teacher Discount Program, teachers are eligible to save 20% on all of the Classroom Products Teacher Peach creates! Each classroom product is designed to help inspire learning and build student confidence—two key ingredients for student (and teacher!) success. Because we know that these are the products teachers tend to buy most with their own money, we created this discount program to ensure that these products are even MORE affordable to teachers—every day of the year.


Because Time Really is Money

Teacher Peach also knows many of you are really creative, scouring Pinterest to share and discover free ideas for items you can create for your classrooms. We adore Pinterest, too. It’s a treasure trove of creativity. You’ll always find new pins (and buyable pins!) on Teacher Peach’s Pinterest boards. Check us out here

If your days are anything like ours, though, you’ve got lots of pins and boards filled with favorite ideas—all waiting for that hoped-for time when you will actually HAVE enough time to consistently create such items for your kids. There are only so many hours in a day. That’s why Teacher Peach works so hard to craft for example, our Positive Postcards that say it all, conveniently, and for a small investment. (This small investment just got even smaller with the Teacher Discount Program’s 20% discount!)



Teachers tell us that when the right stickers, supplies, messages, and materials are right at their fingertips—they quickly can get these confidence-builders into the hands of the students who need them. We’d all like to do more than we do; we’d all love for there to be enough time in each day to do it all ourselves. But we need to choose.


That’s why Teacher Peach’s Teacher Discount Program can make such a big difference. Teachers don’t have to choose time over money—this program saves both. It helps teachers access convenient, ready-to-use products 24/7—at even more affordable prices—a true win-win!


Register in Under 36 Seconds!

Before this official launch, Teacher Peach piloted our registration process with teachers who gave us lots of very helpful feedback. (Thank you, one and all! We listened carefully as you’ll see.) Just click on this link here to check out the program details and complete the short form. We timed it; it literally took most registrants as little as 36 seconds—tops!

There are three simple ways to complete the verification process: just share your school email address, use your personal email and paste a link to the current school faculty list on your school’s website. If you prefer, just upload an image instead of your school ID, etc. Any of these methods will work!

As soon as we receive your registration form, we’ll verify your teacher or administrator status and send you an email with all the info you’ll need. You’ll also get a few extra surprise discount codes!

Who can’t spare 36 seconds to save 20% on Classroom Products every day of the year?

We so hope you’ll register for Teacher Peach’s Teacher Discount Program TODAY to start saving on Classroom Products designed to build student confidence. Let us know what you think. Just click here to start your 36-second registration!

Post below how many seconds it took you to register!

On your mark, get set, SAVE!


  • September 14, 2016
  • Teacher Peach