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Out-of-the-Box Reviews!

Out-of-the-Box Reviews!

A Note from the Teacher!™ is the subscription box that pays it forward with every note each teacher sends!

 Each month’s subscription delivery includes:

• 4 colorful greeting cards teachers will love to send with envelopes (individually packaged),

  • 4 unique glossy envelope seals,

  • 4 colorful student-focused postcards,

  • 3 Forever stamps,

  • 1 custom education-oriented stamp,

  • 1 Bonus seasonal greeting card and envelope,

  • an extra envelope,

  • tip-filled AnecNOTES™—and

a bonus surprise FREE sample of a Teacher Peach classroom product!


PLUS—The first month’s box comes with a FREE Card Organizer Starter Kit that includes a translucent card tote box with handle, a colorful array of 6 ready-to-custom dividers, 6 fine-point markers, 15 DIY labels to organize the greeting cards and supplies YOUR way, a ball point pen, and a collectible magnet.

These monthly deliveries make it easy for teachers to personally connect with students, peers, and the families of students. Teachers can send exactly the right note at exactly the right time. Each month’s box is filled with thoughtful note writing items so teachers can send notes that matter—with messages that resonate! 

That’s a lot for the starting price of just $22.95 per box! Subscriptions are available in 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month auto-renewable timeframes. Check it out here!

  • October 07, 2016
  • Teacher Peach