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Teacher Discount Program Video!

Teacher Discount Program Video!



It’s been a really busy week here at Teacher Peach. We started launching amazing new Teacher Discount Program. It’s just been a few days and already, the response from teachers has been terrific.

So, click here to check out a quick video to learn more about Teacher Peach’s Teacher Discount Program. 


Why a Teacher Discount Program?

Teachers spend a lot of time, effort, and energy creating positive learning environments in their classrooms to help their students feel great about learning. Teachers also reach deep into their own pockets, spending a lot of their own hard-earned dollars to achieve these important goals. To help teachers get the most value from the money they spend, we’re launching this new Teacher Discount Program offering members year-round discounts on all Classroom Products in our online store. Teachers then save 20% off all Classroom Products throughout the entire year, with special prizes as well.


Sign up today!


This discount program gives teachers a valuable 20% discount all year long. These powerful classroom products help teachers shape positive learning environments and confidence-building experiences that help students thrive. In fact, every classroom product is designed to help inspire learning and build student confidence—two key ingredients for student (and teacher!) success. Because we know that these are the products teachers tend to buy most with their own money, we created this discount program to ensure that these products are even MORE affordable to teachers—every day of the year.


Classroom Products

With more than 100 unique Classroom Products as well as many teacher gift products, Teacher Peach has a tremendous array of confidence builders and products that reward, recognize, and motivate both students and teachers. From specialized pencils to certificates, stickers, posters, postcards, welcome kits, desk accessories, and more, teachers can shop for unique classroom products that can “positively” make big differences to their students. Teacher Peach’s one-stop-shop supports teachers and their students with its entire line of creative and effective classroom products that reflect today’s social and emotional priorities, too.


Teachers can sign up now for Teacher Peach’s Teacher Discount Program on classroom products at here. Registration and teacher verification options are quick and easy. Teachers simply provide a school email address, a link to the school’s current faculty page, or upload an image of their current school ID. Once logged in as members, teachers automatically receive 20 percent off at checkout year round.


Teacher Peach also carries a full range of incredible teacher gifts: teacher-focused tote bags, laptop cases, journals, burlap and neoprene lunch bags with clever messages in many colors, snazzy containers for soups, salads, snacks, and sandwiches, and its popular new teacher subscription box, A Note from the Teacher!™. There is something for every teacher and student at Teacher Peach! Of that, WE are confident!

Stay tuned for more updates on the discount program. Register today at It really does take less time to register than to even watch this short video! Have a wonderful weekend.

  • September 16, 2016
  • Teacher Peach