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Teaching Is a Work of Heart

Teaching Is a Work of Heart

Teaching is a work of heart. —Author Unknown

Several days into the Heartfelt Quotation Series, you’ve thus far received PeachQuotes Studio™ motivational quotations from quote-worthy legends including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Eleanor Roosevelt, and of course, the veritable Winnie the Pooh. Today, we take a step back to feature a delightfully simple and powerful message that sums up the teaching profession. The fact that the author may be unknown only underscores the universality of this simple and true definition of teaching.

The amazing teachers we have the privilege of knowing and serving at Teacher Peach always seem to lead with their hearts, beginning with a compassion for their students, a keen awareness of their “work,” and a responsibility in helping to unlock the very best in each student.

How do you lead with your heart in the work that you do as a teacher?