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DAY 8: Get 20% Off All Modern Desk Sets and Individual Modern Desk Accessories!

DAY 8: Get 20% Off All Modern Desk Sets and Individual Modern Desk Accessories!

The Day 8 Deal for the 12 Days of Peachy Teacher Holiday Gifts is all about products that are both modern and productive!




Day 8: Brigten Up Any Desk with These Modern Desk Accessories!

Teacher Peach continues our 12 Days of Peachy Teacher Holiday Gifts countdown with this amazing deal of 20% off on ALL Modern Desk Sets and Individual Accessories! These are so fun, you’ll want them all!

Modern Desk Accessory Features:


  • Each product is sold individually and part of an economical four-piece set. There are two four-piece sets to choose from, one in “kid colors” (left) and the other in “jewel tones” (right).
  • The stapler takes regular-sized staples (not included) and opens to allow for flat tacking onto bulletin boards.
  • The tape dispenser features a non-slip base, perfect for one-handed taping needs.
  • The supplies holder has sections perfectly sized for post-it notes, paper clips, tacks, rubber bands, and more!
  • The roomy cup holds all writing instruments, scissors, letter openers, etc.

Set Up for Success With Bigger Sets, Too!  

  • These two five-piece desk sets come with everything in the above sets, along with a white tissue box made to fit over standard-sized tissue boxes.
  • These desk sets come in the same colors as the above sets; “kids colors” (left) and “jewel tones” (right).
  • Check out the special tissue box cover in the “kid color” set! This clever play on words is sure to make any teacher or student smile, especially during cold and flu season. It reads: “Got an AH-CHOO? Take a TEACH-CHOO!”

Teachers, designers, crafters, and other creative people will adore this vivid workspace makeover! Transform their entire workspace with these clever desk sets that add both functionality and a pop of color!

As our 12 Days of Peachy Teacher Holiday Gifts continues to organize these amazing savings, we hope you’ll order these accessories to start off your new year in an organized way, too. By set or by piece, if you like these modern desk accessories and sets, we want to hear from you! Which items did you purchase? How do they look in your work area? Send us pictures!

It’s a Wrap!

Pop a bow onto these incredible desk accessory gift items, ideal for teachers and students alike. These universal desk accessories definitely make the perfect gift! The individual pieces make great stocking suffers for your most creative friends and family members! In these vivid colors and at these holiday prices, you’ll want to collect them all!

Check out all of the amazing Teacher Peach products, savings, and expedited shipping options at our website,!

If you place an order by 12/17, you can still take advantage of our FREE SHIPPING offer and receive your order by 12/24!

Check back tomorrow for the next deal of the 12 Days of Peachy Teacher Holiday Gifts! We’ve got something perfect for all of those “colorful” (hint hint) teaching moments!


  • December 11, 2015
  • Randi Brill