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Teacher Peach Freebies: Peer Review and Support

Teacher Peach Freebies: Peer Review and Support

Growing with Peer Reviews One of the best ways to grow as a teacher and prepare for your evaluations is to seek out peer reviews. The feedback received from your peers could be invaluable in making your classroom more effective and better preparing you for your formal evaluations. Invite a trusted peer into your classroom and work together to maximize the brainpower that goes into making your classroom the best that it can be.

Prepping for a Peer Observation

Before your peer observation, use this list of questions to help you prepare your lesson and to prepare your peer for what he or she is about to observe. When an observer has the answers to these questions, he or she will be able to make learned observations and provide more directed feedback. This kind of analytical preparation is key to the peer observation process.

A Proper Thank You When one of your peers has agreed to observe you and provide you with feedback, be sure to thank him or her for his or her efforts. A perfect way to say thank you is with Teacher Peach’s Partner Thank You Cards. Or if this person has provided you with a lot of help over the years, perhaps a stylish tote bag or a functional lunch accessory would be an even better thank-you gift.

Stay Tuned for More In future blog posts, we’ll give you some more forms that will help you with a peer evaluation process. Check back often to make sure you don't miss any of our freebies.

  • September 10, 2015
  • Teacher Peach