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How ARE We Acknowledging Teachers at Teacher Peach?

How ARE We Acknowledging Teachers at Teacher Peach?


Teacher Peach is definitely acknowledging teachers in very special ways as this school year winds to a close. In fact, that’s why we created two amazing gift boxes just for teachers, and, we began a special campaign this past weekend!

It’s our first 72-hour sale of the season to showcase these new amazing teacher gift boxes. We’re sweetening the shopping experience with $10 off of each box and a FREE tote bag with each order. It runs until Monday at noon CDT!

 What’s In the BOX(es)?
Check out these awesome gift boxes. Once Upon a Box for SCHOOL is all about SCHOOL, with great student and classroom supplies and more, including teacher goodies, just for you. The other box, Once Upon a Box for HOME is all about YOU, brimming with an array of items to help teachers unwind and relax after a long day or week in the classroom. Whichever box strikes your fancy, this 72-hour sale is sure to inspire you to shop, browse, or register a wish list to share with peers, PTOs, and parents. We’ll be blogging about what’s inside these boxes, how we created them, and much more in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

Why a Weekend Sale?
We chose the weekend as the best time to connect with teachers because we know weekends are typically your planning and regrouping time. It’s when teachers tell us you can quietly go online to peruse what works for your classroom and even explore an item or two—just for you. We also know you’ll be choosing some specialty classroom supplies for next year, allocating 2016-2017 budget dollars NOW.

That’s why, starting later this week, Teacher Peach will offer a special discount on all Classroom Products, too. We want to help your budgets stretch farther and ensure you have meaningful and valuable specialty classroom supplies for your students—to complete this year and be ready for back-to-school in the fall. Sneak a peek at the and many certificates including the Start-to-Finish Kits and other end-of-year “graduation” certificates that will be on sale.

These certificates and stickers make great additions to your end-of-year plans, helping students to recognize that they are indeed ready to move up to the next grade. The revise sides of these poster certificates are rich with ideas for kids to put into action over the summer, too. Check out this example. Moving Up Certificate sets (link to the classroom products primary page) are available for students moving from Pre-K to Kindergarten, Kindergarten to Grade 1, Grade 1 to Grade 2, and Grade 2 to Grade 3.

Why not add some awesome Last Day of School stickers? These stickers make a fun and “healthy” way to celebrate this very exciting milestone in the lives of your young students.

 What are your  plans for the end of the school year? Share a few of your ideas here!

As an extra thank you for the amazing work teachers do every day, don’t forget that we have a colorful alphabetical screen saver—just for you. Click here to register at to receive your very own screen saver of all 26 letters!