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K is for...

K is for...

Thank you for
knowing how to unlock our keys to knowledge (while keeping your cool!)

Teacher Peach’s “Thank You Letters” from A-Z is our way of honoring teachers as we move towards Teacher Appreciation Week. Still, our letters only scratch the surface of the immense gratitude we have for all educators. You give us the gift of  knowledge and teach us how to express ourselves. You give us the keys to unlock our greatest potential, and make dreams come true every day.

We know your profession can be challenging, and at times frustrating, but you’ve handled each obstacle with honor and grace. You’ve kept your cool when many of us would have fallen under pressure, and we know our children are in good hands with you.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and happy Saturday!


For turning every hurdle into a teachable moment, here is just one of our many relaxation tools for teachers and more.