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F is for...

F is for...

Thank you for fostering us to build friendships, to face our fears, and to find our futures.

Whether a teacher’s passion for education stems from vocation, avocation, or both, we are so thankful for their contributions to this world. Teachers are one of many important guides for children as they move through this unexplored world. Much of the education teachers provide goes beyond the chalkboard and into a learner’s heart as they help students build friendships, face their fears, find their futures, and much more.

The ability to foster friendships is one of many important milestones in peer relations. Through encouragement and guidance teachers foster a culture of kindness, empathy, and respect in the classroom. These lessons help children break out of their shell and experience the special bond of friendship. This special bond often emboldens students as they take on the world.

However, the world can appear scary to the inexperienced. Frankly, the world can appear scary to anyone. One particular fear that can hinder a child’s learning experience is the fear of failure. It is not uncommon for students to become overwhelmed by an assignment and simply give up. In times like these, the caring patience of a teacher helps students face their fears and work towards understanding.

The wise words of many teachers help lift students up the ladder towards their promising futures. Their ideas, support, and even criticisms have helped so many become better people. These encouraging words help students believe in their future selves, reiterating that anything is possible.

This Teacher Appreciation Day show your teachers that you value their wise and caring words with the “Words To Grow By” Spiral Notebook Journal.


  • March 26, 2016
  • Teacher Peach