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Send an e-Gift Card today!
Send an e-Gift Card today!

Thank All LLC Staffers and Librarians!

We’ve come a long way from card catalogs and Dewey Decimal Systems in our Libraries and Learning Centers. The dedicated experts who staff these vital school resource areas have, too! These champions on knowledge, content, assets, and cherished volumes “quietly” support our students and teachers. While we might risk a “Shhh” from these quiet heroes, let’s give a big shout out to all LLC staffers and librarians, today!

Don’t forget these unforgettable, indispensable education supporters! It’s fast to enter your favorite LLC staffers and librarians to win a FREE GIFT in Teacher Peach’s Educator Appreciation FREE GIFT Contest! Click here. Remember to include your neighborhood librarians, too! And that small bookstore staff member who willingly stays open when you absolutely have to get that new paperback novel for school before morning! Their efforts matter, too.

Participate and enter an educator or staffer each week—and if you are an educator or school LLC staffer, be sure to add yourself to the mix. Teacher Peach is running these weekly contests in order to recognize and reward educators in advance of, during, and beyond Teacher Appreciation Week, which begins NEXT WEEK on May 3. We’ll choose a winner at random every Thursday between now and May 27th at 4:00 PM CDT. And of course, immediately after the week’s winner is selected—the next contest begins!

Tag a librarian or LLC staffer or give them a too-loud shout-out, right now!

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