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Send an e-Gift Card today!

Teachers ARE Reaching Students!

B&W photo of little girl in socks wearing mom's high heels

Did you ever “play school” as a child? My own after-school classroom was in our basement, where I clomped around in a pair of my mother’s black high heels that I’d “borrow” each day. Yes, she made me wear socks. I rationed my few shards of chalk, reteaching what I learned at “real” school that day. It felt wonderful, engaging, and in my basement classroom, I was in control. Everything went well, lessons were learned, my invisible kids connected, reading scores skyrocketed, and “everyone” loved coming to my school. If only…

For teachers today, “real” school is full of so many real problems that it is hard for teachers to know where to begin, let alone, how to feel in control. There’s very little that feels playful about teaching remotely, in a hybrid setting, or even in an in-person classroom with so many new rules. While I rationed chalk, today teachers ration wipes and devise ways to model proper pencil grips from miles away. What was reflexive and instinctive now requires deconstruction and reconstruction. Teachers are working harder than ever to teach and reach their students with more obstacles and restrictions than any of us could have imagined a year ago.

Even with these challenges, teachers remain agile, committed, and dedicated. The teachers we have the privilege to meet do whatever they possibly can to stay connected with their students even during COVID-enforced remote learning—and for many, especially during COVID! And it’s impressive.

Teachers ARE reaching their students in ways that extend far beyond a high five in the gallery view of their Zoom classrooms. Families do not have a corner on the worry market when it comes to what students will learn during this challenging time. Teachers worry, too. And teachers act, often reaching into their own pockets to stay connected, inspire, and motivate their students to want to engage and learn. Teachers invest in physical products, even now, because teachers know that tangible outreach works.

That’s why Teacher Peach has expanded the Positive Postcards teachers love to send to students. In Spanish, English, for inspiration, birthdays, goal setting, thanking families, showing gratitude, and just plain dreaming big, there’s a Positive Postcard for every child. Teachers summarize the benefits of sending Positive Postcards best:

These cards are awesome!! Shipped quickly!! Excellent quality!! My students absolutely loved them! Highly recommend this shop!!!

—Shasta D. 

I wish I had discovered these before! They are a wonderful resource and so much more. A great social/emotional resource. Thank you! These postcards are amazing! They are vibrant and educational in many ways, not just the language. I am very excited to use these for communication instead of always emailing/messaging.

—Jen D.

 These are perfect for this uncertain year! They were shipped quickly and are excellent quality.

—Tara T.

These postcards are perfect for the year we have. The parents really appreciate them.

—Tania L.

 Fast, great quality, colorful. The children loved them! Thanks so much!

—Jenna B.

 I've seen a lot of postcards to students from teachers but many of these are unique because they thank the PARENTS of our students for their hard work. Many of the families of my students are working families and this pandemic has been a struggle in MANY areas of their lives. But they still helped their kids keep up with their work and they NEED to know they are appreciated by the teachers! The other nice thing about the these is that I was able to split them with another teacher and we both had enough to send to all our families! They are high quality and were shipped very quickly!

—Charity E.

 These postcards made my students feel great! They loved receiving them! Thank you for creating such a timely postcard!


We hope you’ll explore the Positive Postcards Collection. Tell us what you think. Post your favorites below. Become a Peachinista and you’ll be automatically entered into a drawing to receive a FREE set of Positive Postcards AND 50 postcard postage stamps! We’ll draw one Peachinista’s name each week through the end of this year.

With dedicated teachers who want the best for their students, class is always in session. From Zoom galleries to mailboxes, teachers reach their students with SEL messages that matter and make a difference. We know it’s far from easy. Thank you. You rock.

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