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Send an e-Gift Card today!
Send an e-Gift Card today!

Teacher Gifts? Of course, but HOW?

Admittedly, teacher-family connections are anything but typical this year. For many, Back-to-School Night, the first time most of us used to personally meet our children’s teachers, was literally a virtual blur. Our second connection happens about now when many schools conduct virtual conferences. “I thought this was her science teacher and the teacher in the blue sweater was the one who teaches literacy?!” Sound familiar? You’re not alone.

These two opportunities to meet are challenging at best this year—for families AND teachers. Fast virtual chats feel more like speed dating than meaningful school connections. Teachers carefully prep for each virtual conference, matching family faces to students and choosing the most meaningful points to cover in such short time windows. Families work just as hard to associate the right time slot with the right teacher for each subject area and child in multi-child households, log in, be on time, and stay on schedule. We all want this to work, but it is far more difficult than physically roaming the halls of our child’s school, looking for Room 211A.

Back-to-School Night and Family Conferences provide us, the grown-ups, with much needed connections. We need to partner as never before, working together to support “our” kids. This teacher-family partnership has never been more important—or more difficult to make happen. Families work to get homework uploaded and Internet connections working. We have to help our kids wake up and show up while juggling our own now-from-home responsibilities. If we’re lucky, we have our own jobs and homework—as we try to slip in that quick load of laundry when we can. While teachers work to ensure assignments, grades, small-group connections, and activities that add value in their virtual classrooms, they’re also hoping to toss in that quick load of laundry during passing periods. It’s hard—for everyone—and on everyone.

That’s why the third connection matters even more than ever this year—the teacher gift connection at the holidays. Some teachers may receive a “big” class gift. Others may receive small tokens from individual families. Sadly, even in a non-COVID year, many teachers receive no acknowledgement of the great work they do so tirelessly.

In a typical year, classroom room reps collect money on Back-to-School Night for a holiday teacher gift from the class. Families confidentially chip in money to buy the teacher a meaningful thank-you gift. The room rep manages the money, finds a gift, confirms everyone agrees with the gift selection, buys the gift, and celebration right before Winter Break, proudly presents the teacher with the gift on behalf of the class.

When individual families choose to give a special teacher gift, students are often great collaborators. “Mrs. Grabel love her dog, Max, but he gets cold in the snow, so I wanna get snow booties for Max.” In a more normal year, if we could swing it, we’d hunt down such a personal gift tied to the teacher’s interests, write a note, and wrap it all in a gift bag we splurged on to make it look just right. Our child would carry that crumpled-from-the-bus gift bag into school to personally give Max’s booties to Mrs. Grabel. Mrs. G would be thrilled with the care, time, and effort behind the gift.

The desire to say thank you to teachers this year is higher than normal for many families. We know how much work it takes to keep our kids engaged, motivated, and learning. We appreciate the secret email that tells us that Jonah’s social studies project involves balsa wood and cotton balls and is due this Friday. We stealthily agree together to let him discover this on Thursday night before we “just happen to have” balsa wood in the cabinet from last year. This kind of partnership helps our kids master critical life lessons—and deserves our appreciation.

We want to thank these amazing teachers. But how? For many, we hardly know THEM yet, let alone who their Max’s are; we don’t know what they’d truly appreciate.  Even if we did, we have no idea how to get gifts to them. For good reasons, we do not know the home addresses of our kids’ teachers. If we mail a teacher gift to the school address, we won’t know if or when they’ll receive it. At best, we’re adding work for the front office team or imposing on dedicated school principals willing to drive all over town to personally leave our gifts on teachers’ porches or in vestibules. As with so many other once easy-to-do activities, thanks to COVID, doing something nice for the amazing teachers we appreciate is complicated and frustrating.

We can send e-Gift Cards from big marketplaces, justifying such impersonal gifts: “Teachers can pick out anything they want!” Many teachers use such gift cards, not for themselves, but to buy gifts for those on their lists. Last year, a teacher confessed, “With my gift card, I bought socket wrenches, dried figs for my neighbor, a baby doll that giggled, and a knitting kit for my Aunt Marge. Me? All I got out of it was not having to pay a bill later, so I guess that’s something.”

Generic e-gift cards are quick and convenient, but not very satisfying to any of us. During this unusual holiday season, an eGift Card is likely the best touch-free teacher gift option—but it doesn’t need to be from a big socket wrench, fig-selling marketplace!

One of the main reasons why Teacher Peach has been working so feverishly to revamp our new website in time for the holiday season is to offer rom reps, families, and principals a better teacher e-Gift Card alternative. That’s why we created the Teacher Peach eGift Card.

Teachers love the gifts they receive from Teacher Peach. As we hope this article confirms, we “get” teachers and know what kinds of products and gifts teachers appreciate. You may even buy Teacher Peach eGift Cards for multiple teachers in one order. And, there’s nothing to ship!

With Teacher Peach eGift Cards, teachers may select teacher-curated gifts they’ll love and be proud to use long with social-emotional support products for their students and classroom. No matter what Teacher Peach gift teachers choose with their Teacher Peach eGift Cards, you’ll be signaling your thoughtfulness and respect for the profound and important work that they do for our kids.

Here’s how:

  • SELECT the denomination.
  • CHOOSE the card design you like.
  • CLICK: This is a Gift.
  • WRITE your gift message in the personal note box.
  • CHOOSE how and when to send your gift.
    • We’ll EMAIL it to your recipient.
    • We’ll send it to you so you may PRINT IT OUT.
    • We’ll send you an IM link so you can TEXT it to your favorite teachers.
    • You can even SCHEDULE WHEN your gift will be sent!
  • RECEIVE notifications every step along the way.
  • THANK YOUs are simple too; teachers can click on the link to easily express their appreciation!

Don’t let the limitations of this COVID year limit your ability to thank the teachers who are working so hard to help your children grow and thrive. Choose the teacher gift that’s safe and quick to send and fun and easy for teacher to love. Teacher Peach eGift Cards are the touch-free teacher gift of the season that will touch the hearts of all the great teachers on your gift list. Send one today.


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