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Send an e-Gift Card today!
Send an e-Gift Card today!

Strategic Thanks to Strategic Studies Teachers!

Let’s stop and thank ALL Great Teachers—including those who help our kids master executive functioning skills! Primary, intermediate grade, and high school teachers all help students master organizational skills and time management, parsing big tasks into manageable steps. The preparation and focus students learn in the classrooms of these astute educators helps students continue to grow, develop and improve their executive functioning skills, and achieve their best results.

Thank every educator and school staffer by entering them into Teacher Peach’s Educator Appreciation FREE GIFT Contest! Click here. Don’t forget to enter yourself, too! Plus, it’s easy to help teachers remember their priorities with this great teacher organizing tool, Strive for Progress Sticky Notes Gift Set with over 1400 notes and flags.

Our final contest ends this Thursday at 4:00! Don't miss out!

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