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Send an e-Gift Card today!

Shout Out Big Thanks to School Hearing Specialists!

The many specialists who help students may not be readily visible to the majority of school families—but these experts are rock stars and outstanding partners for those students who might benefit from some extra support. Included in this mix of expert specialists are hearing specialists. Students need to be able to hear conversations, assignments, and instructions in whatever manners can work for them. Students cannot participate, collaborate, or comprehend what they cannot hear! Dedicated school hearing specialists work hard to try to ensure that student hearing challenges are properly identified, addressed, and accommodated.

So, let’s give a loud cheer for these hearing specialist champions! In fact, it’s easy to enter any team member or educator in Teacher Peach’s Educator Appreciation FREE GIFT Contest. Plus, your shout-out can grow! You can quickly increase how many times your staffer or educator can be entered in this week’s drawing—including sharing this post with up to ten friends! Enter a terrific school specialist, staffer, teacher, or educator. Feel free to enter yourself, too!

Click here for the entry form. Check out the many different ways you can quickly boost the number of times your educator is entered in the drawing! Share this with friends so they can enter other amazing educators and staffers. Enter a different superstar each week.

This week’s random drawing will be held on Thursday, the 22nd, at 4:00 PM CDT. Share this blog post and tag a specialist today. If they made a difference to your child, make a difference to them by helping them to win a FREE GIFT they’ll love from Teacher Peach!

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