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Principals and Assistant Principals Really DO Rule!

Every school needs strong and focused leadership. This is where principals and assistant principals come in—guiding their amazing education teams forward cohesively and effectively—even in difficult times—and especially in difficult times. These leaders are always the first to claim that all credit goes to those teachers and staffers in the classrooms and hallways, and this is part of what makes them the great leaders and motivators that they are.

So that's why we honored the preference of these leaders to put their teams first by first recognizing the people the principals recognize! It's also why we saved our recognition of these leaders for the last two posts of this campaign—they thank others first and so does Teacher Peach. Today we honor the many dedicated Principals and Assistant Principals; tomorrow we honor District Administrators and Superintendents. These leaders definitely deserve our appreciation, too.

As our seven-week recognition contest draws to a close along with this recent, often tumultuous school year, let’s stop and thank all educational leaders who made the tough decisions this year and every year. Thank you for your leadership.

It’s easy to honor all educators with Teacher Peach’s final Educator Appreciation FREE GIFT Contest! Click here. Don’t forget to enter yourself, too! Go the extra mile just like principals, assistant principals, teachers, and school staffers do each day. Today is the right day to express your appreciation of your favorite educators and staffers by entering them to help them win a FREE GIFT in this week’s contest. With just a few clicks, you can increase the number of entries, too.

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