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Send an e-Gift Card today!

Make a Wish-LIST, Teachers!

Teachers are amazingly organized; it’s a professional necessity. That’s why teachers are often great list makers. From intricate, virtual lists in Goggle Docs to neatly arranged colorful sticky notes, teachers track and plan what they need to accomplish. Color-coded folders, permanent markers in rainbow arrays, and cute animal-shaped paperclips are often found on teacher desks—especially, now.

These days, teacher desks can be found in attics, neutral hallways where bathroom doors won’t show, and of course, garages, kitchen tables, and in corners of bedrooms rigged with blankets to protect privacy. Some teachers even set up workspaces in the front seats of their cars to drive to where they’ll have enough internet to conduct their virtual classes (while safely in Park, of course). 

From wherever teachers are teaching, we can confidently say there will be lists—class lists, project lists, to-do lists, State Standards lists, reminder lists, shopping lists—and the list goes on! This holiday season, there’s one other type of list that teachers will want to make—their WISHLISTS! 

In B.C. times (Before COVID, of course), when room reps would ask teachers what they truly wanted as their class holiday gift, such conversations were often awkward. Many teachers felt uncomfortable asking for a specific gift to recognize their great work. It was just easier to reply with, “Oh, anything, a simple thank you, or even a gift card is fine; whatever’s easiest,” slinking away from the topic as quickly as possible. 

Room reps who did push beyond this non-answer often struggled, hoping they’d observed enough about the teacher’s favorite color and grilling their kids about what the teacher talked about. “He loves cats? Your teacher’s training for a half-marathon? Terrific! We’ve got gift ideas!” This year, those observations and conversations just aren’t able to happen. We call these new challenges COVID Connection Gaps.

After listening to many teachers, we’ve confirmed that even without these extra COVID-Connection Gaps, it’s just not easy to overtly ask for a gift. When we asked teachers if they’d be more relaxed popping their choices into a wishlist and sharing that list virtually with room reps, families, and friends, the response was a resounding YES!

When we asked if they’d prefer to create a wishlist on a generic marketplace or at a shop like ours, totally focused on teachers, we found the response was mixed. Many teachers adore the idea of choosing wishlist items from a shop that’s dedicated to teachers and students. They believe it reinforces and respects the teaching profession, helps keep class gifts and family gifts focused on education—and oftentimes giving teachers and families access to products they’d never have known existed.

When teachers gravitated towards wishlists at gigantic marketplaces instead, we learned they were asking for items that were on their gift lists for others.  “I asked for a slow cooker—so I could regift it to my sister-in-law without spending money. I drew her name this year and that’s all she wants.”

In today’s online gifting holiday season, sharing all types of wishlists is important. Everyone’s budgets are tight. Taking the guesswork out of gifting is a helpful gift in itself—to both recipients and gift-givers! With teachers’ knack for list-making, creating wishlists is a snap. At Teacher Peach, teachers can create multiple wishlists—one for the room rep, another for family, and of course, that wishlist full of favorites—for now and later.

Check out our new wishlist feature; it’s easy. Just enter your email so your lists are saved. You’ll become a Peachinista in the process, able to earn points and free gifts. Just click on the open-heart icon to add any item to your wishlists. Then, share out your wishlists! No need for words, awkward conversations, or hesitations.

This year, more than ever, teachers truly deserve to receive the gifts they’re wishing for—and gift-givers equally deserve to spend their hard-earned dollars on teacher gifts that teachers really want. Add “Create my Teacher Peach Wishlists” to your to-do list—today!

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