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Send an e-Gift Card today!

Let’s Thank the Playground Players!

Recess, dismissal, and playground times are full of transitions, opportunities for connections, and lots of intricate four-square negotiations as kids learn to interact in non-academic settings. The educators who jump in to assist during these key times, the playground monitors, assistant teachers, and academic experts all work tirelessly, rain or shine, to help students succeed during these transitions. These experts know how to discover and maximize teachable moments in these busy times. So, let’s jump up and say thank you to these educators!

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Was recess your favorite time of the school day? Think back—and think ahead—to thank the many dedicated playground team members. These educators not only help to keep our children safe, they focus on social emotional skills, sharing, collaboration, taking turns, and good sporting behavior. These caring individuals are the first ones to hold an umbrella up high to walk kids into and out of school on rainy days. Enter these wonderful school staffers to help them win a FREE GIFT from!

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