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Send an e-Gift Card today!
Send an e-Gift Card today!

Kindergarten Teachers Help Kids Start Smart!

Do you remember your Kindergarten teacher? Mine was Mrs. Landau and she told me I could be anything I set my mind to. I wonder what she’d think today as Teacher Peach works to recognize and thank ALL educators as we wind down on this very challenging school year. I bet she's day that I set my mind to THIS—and I did!

Teacher Peach launched this Educator Appreciation FREE GIFT Contest because we know just how challenging this year has been—for ALL educators. That's why we're not limiting this contest to teachers. We know that to get through this time, EVERYONE must contribute! So, we are thanking a different educator or staff each day—from now until the end of May.

Let's start with Kindergarten teachers because they are tasked with helping kids start smart. Let’s also start—at the very beginning—and say thank you to every Kindergarten teacher who figured out how to engage with students remotely, masked, and otherwise this year! Enter a grade K teacher to thank & help them win a FREE GIFT.

Who’s your favorite early learning educator? Is it a Kindergarten teacher, a preschool teacher, or perhaps not a teacher at all, but maybe it’s the crossing guard who knows your child by name? Let’s all thank these special school staffers by entering them to win a FREE GIFT during Teacher Peach’s Educator Appreciation FREE GIFT Contest. Click here for the entry form.

Enter a superstar educator or amazing school staffer each week—including yourself! This week’s random drawing will be conducted on Thursday, April 22 at 4:00 PM CDT. We’ll launch a new contest each week between now and the end of May. Share this post and tag any teacher or school staffer today!


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