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Send an e-Gift Card today!
Send an e-Gift Card today!

Bravo to Music Teachers!

In perfect harmony, let’s thank these melodious educators who are always on key! Thanks always strike a chord and hit the high notes, so acknowledge the musical experts in your school today—and every day. From music classes, music club, band, chorus, orchestra, and so much more, these educators are always there to support our students. As research shows, the connection between academics and creative expression is strong, so strike up the band to cheer on these educators.

Teacher Peach is running weekly contests to recognize and reward educators in advance of, during, and beyond Teacher Appreciation Week, which begins on May 3. We’ve had two amazing winners so far. Why not enter to try to be this week’s winner to win a FREE GIFT in Teacher Peach’s Educator Appreciation FREE GIFT Contest! Click here.

There are lots of different ways that you can easily boost the number of times your educator or staffer is entered in the weekly contest. With just a few clicks, you can increase the number of entries. This week’s random drawing is on Thursday at 4:00 CDT. So, don’t miss a beat! Enter now.

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