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Press Release–Holiday Gift Giving

Press Release–Holiday Gift Giving



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Offering the perfect wish list of teacher gifts that give—AND GIVE BACK!


CHICAGO, IL (SEPTEMBER 2016) – Every holiday season families struggle to find the perfect gifts to buy their children’s teachers. Teacher Peach has put an end to this stress by offering teacher gifts that teachers really WANT to receive. And it doesn’t end there. Just in time for the ‘giving season,’ the Company is introducing its non-profit foundation, Teacher Peach Seeds, contributing 10% of all product profits to fund teacher “seed money” grants for projects that GROW student confidence.


Teacher Peach’s educational experts bring more than 30 years of industry experience to the development of their products, making teacher gift giving simple and worry-free this holiday season.

The Teacher Peach Holiday 2016 Wish List is comprised of some of the most popular gifts to inspire and acknowledge teachers both in and out of the classroom. Gifts at all price points can be found on the one-stop-shop, easy-to-navigate website, including:


  1. Once Upon a Box for School or Home: These thoughtfully curated ribboned-and-ready gift boxes are stocked with teachers gift items tailored for teachers to use within the classroom or at home. Choose one (or both!)
  2. The “Once Upon a Box for SCHOOL” teacher gift box is brimming with colorful items for teachers and their students including: 25 birthday postcards, 30 stickers, 25 mini-posters, a set of sticky notes, a “Teachers Only” Sharpie®, a stapler, and treats just for the teacher including a colorful Quartz wristwatch, a stay-cold sandwich container, and more.
  3. The “Once Upon a Box for HOME” is designed just for teachers to encourage these hard-working professionals to relax, rejuvenate, and refuel—after school. From soft, fuzzy socks, a scented candle, and a beautiful bracelet, to a snuggly infinity scarf, teacher’s coloring book with colored pencils and sharpener, and more, this teacher gift box is sure to inspire even the most focused teacher to unwind!
  4. Modern 5-piece Teacher Desk Set: This thoughtful gift includes five essential desk accessories, available in eye-catching jewel tones or primary colors. Labeled with can’t-miss print-rich wording, these accessories are sure to become favorites for all of your favorite teachers. Sets include pencil and pen cup, stapler, tissue box, tape dispenser, and supplies holder. Creatives adore this set, too, and it’s even available in a decorative peach basket for presentation, (saving even more time!).
  5. Jumbo Teacher Tote: Spacious, durable, and very popular with teachers, the message on the “I Teach.” Jumbo Tote makes it the perfect teacher gift. Offering a simple and powerful expression that acknowledges ALL that teachers do, this tote bag reflects an incredible display of well-earned teacher pride—and has room for plenty of gear.
  6. These Sweep Sips™ Insulated Stainless Steel Bottles make swell teacher gifts with their clever “DRINK it all in” or “I THIRST for knowledge” sayings. Insulation keeps cold beverages chilled for up to 16 hours and hot beverages hot for up to eight hours. Positive messages for students, too. Vivid color choices mean options for every teacher on your list.
  7. A Note From The Teacher!™ is an incredible monthly subscription box. A sensational class teacher gift that keeps on giving all year long, PTO reps can choose from monthly, 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month gift options. Each month's box includes 4 greeting cards with envelopes, 4 unique glossy envelope seals, 4 colorful postcards, 3 Forever stamps, 1 custom Teacher stamp, 1 Bonus seasonal greeting card and envelope, an extra envelope, tip-filled AnecNOTES™—and a FREE Card Organizer Starter Kit with the first purchase. The first box even comes with a thank you note so teachers can easily acknowledge the gift—in noteworthy style, of course!
  8. Teacher Ornaments that truly acknowledge what teachers do make the perfect add-on class gift topper as well as a meaningful individual family gift sure to be cherished for years to come. Ornaments come in three holiday colors and pearl finish with three different colorful messages, so stock up on these stocking stuffers and make it easy to cover all of the teachers on your list.
  9. Denim does it all with this brand new teacher gift tote, Denim Inspiration. It’s on-target message captures the impact teachers make: Teach and change the world one student at a time. This bag is great for all seasons, too.


“I used to have to work so hard to find special gifts to give my children’s teachers. I wanted to express my gratitude with gifts they would love and actually use,” says Randi Brill, Founder of Teacher Peach. “Generic gift card gifts are so short lived; teachers receive them one day and spend them on gifts for others, the next. Our school and home teacher gift products truly capture the gratitude families feel for their teachers both elevating and simplifying teacher gift giving—while giving back, too.”


Teacher Peach underscores its commitment to teachers with its Teacher Discount Program, offering its teachers year round discounts on all Classroom Products in its online store. In fact, members receive a 40% discount on all Classroom Products on their first purchase! Teachers then save 20% off all Classroom Products every day, with opportunities to win products as well.


Without a doubt, Teacher Peach supports teachers and students all year long with meaningful Teacher Gifts, confidence-building Classroom Products, exciting Subscription Boxes, its budget-stretching Teacher Discount Program, and of course, Teacher Peach Seeds Foundation, where 10% of the profits from products teachers love fund grants teachers need.



Teacher Peach supports teachers, creating products that acknowledge them for their hard work and commitment to students everywhere. Teacher Peach products are designed to inspire student confidence, reward and recognize, and enhance a positive school climate. By providing effective, creative, and economical classroom products and thoughtful teacher gifts, Teacher Peach is the number one resource for teacher gift giving every day of the year. Visit

Why grapple with an apple, when you can reach for the peach? Teacher Peach, that is.



Teacher Peach created the Teacher Peach Seeds Foundation with one vision in mind—to fund teacher-designed projects that build student confidence. This foundation’s “peach seed money” comes from multiple charitable sources including Teacher Peach’s own donation of 10% of the profits from every product it sells. Grant applications will be available beginning in early 2017 with well-credentialed judges determining winners based on clearly articulated criteria. Winners receive both seed money and Teacher Peach products to realize their confidence-building visions for their students. Visit

Teacher Peach Seeds. Products teachers love funding grants teachers need.